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Health Tips

  • Summer-time tips:

         1. During summers, we sweat more comparatively than other seasons, so increase
            your intake of water and stay hydrated.
         2. For ladies, while going out, to prevent tanning,use a suitable sunscreen lotion.
         3. Also besides using the sunscreen lotion,while going out always cover the face
             and hair with scarf. Wear a sun-coat and socks to prevent tanning of hands and
             feet respectively.
         4. If you are traveling by two-wheeler, walking during the day-time, always carry
             a small onion in the pocket to prevent sun-stroke.
         5. While going out in summers always, wear loose and comfortable clothing.
         6. Include onion as a part of salad in meals. Also include intake of juices like
             sugarcane,cocum,lemon and coconut water.
         7. If someone, is suffering from sun-stroke,cut a onion into half and rub the onion
             around the belly button,hand palms and the feet sole.
         8. Along-with rubbing the onion,take a glass of water add sugar,salt and squeeze out
             juice from onion,mix well and drink.
         9. As we all know that summer season is mango season, so restrict the intake of
             mangoes a day say not more than two, as it might cause upset stomach.
        10. Along-with mangoes also eat fruits like water melon,musk melon/kharbooja.
        11. Wear goggles to protect eyes from the scorching heat of sun.

  • Introduction to Energy Medicine - By Donna Eden:
       Hi everyone while surfing through you tube I found this video. This video gives
       information about our body,energy,etc. I thought of sharing this with all of you.
       Please watch this video.You will really like and enjoy this video. 
       Really informative.  Be happy !!!!!!

                                      I found this video on you tube. I do not own this video.

  • General tips to follow:
          1. Divide your meals of the day into five i.e have meals five times a day to maintain
              your weight.
          2. Crush seven each of the tulsi/holy basil & pudina/mint leaves and add to a 
               lukewarm glass of water for detoxification.
          3. Add the honey & lemon juice in a glass of lukewarm water. Consume it either  
              early in the morning or one hour after dinner. This will help in weight loss 
              as well as it is good for the skin.
          4. After every meal specially lunch & dinner,drink water after one houar,it helps in
              proper digestion.
           5. Here's a remedy for acidity, dip jalebi in curd & eat after 10 mins.
           6. To keep the vitamins intact cook on low flame with utensil fully covered.
           7. For low BP eat 2 tspn of sugar,drink some water,for immediate relief.
           8. It is right way to enhance your metabolism, add coconut water,lemon water &
               green tea to your list of beverages. Avoid fizzy drinks.
           9. Have variations in your breakfast dishes.
          10. Have variations in your exercise routine like yoga,aerobics,joggging,walking
                or whatever sport you like.
          11. Practice meditation regularly.
          12. To prevent aging & wrinkles on the face, practice happiness, do facial
                yoga, practice meditation regularly,solve brain teasers to keep your brain
                muscles active.
          13. Always consume seasonal vegetables & fruits.
          14. Spend some time with yourself everyday. Everyday while eating your meals
                food,take a deep breath,relieve your mind of work, past & future. Be 
                present with food you are eating. Enjoy the food with gratitude,its flavors,
                Silently without talking enjoy the food,this way you are able to give time to
                yourself & nourishment to your body & mind.
          15. Chew your food 30 times. Well if you say should we count 30 while eating,
                 why not. Counting will help you to enjoy your food and focus on eating,
                 rather than constant though-ting. Just try It!!!!
          16. As we buy cold drinks bottles,we tend to use these bottles for storing water
                or any home made juices. Heres' a tip,always use the food grade plastic
                bottles to store water in the fridge or any other juices.
           17. Also for drinking use food grade plastic bottle.

  • Monsoon-time tips:
          1. As the rainy season starts,in marathi we say it mruga has started. Rainy
              season new water,stomach problems start with this seasons. So,this is my '
              moms' tip at the onset of the mruga just like medicine take a small piece of
              hing/asafoetida swallow it and drink some water.
              This helps to prevent stomach upsets.      
          2.  Well as the rainy season starts,start using hing/asafoetida as one of the ingre-
               dients  in your sabji/curry preparations.
          3. If you get wet in the rains,after coming home immediately take a hot bath. 
              This will help to prevent you from getting cold.
          4. Also always shampoo your hair whenever you get wet in the rains.
          5. Avoid street side foods during monsoon time.
          6. As it's monsoon time one of the common health problem is stomach related.
          7. If you have to run to toilet with some stomach cramps like pain for some relief
              make black tea & if you have sajuk tup/pure ghee add 1 tspn in the black tea
              & have it.
           8. Besides having black tea eat bananas,curd,avoid chilli & milk. Like black tea
               take out water from the cooked tur/tuvar dal,add some sajuk tup & have it.
               And yes do consult your doctor.


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